Members of Nightwatch


Lead Vocal & Keys


Karries passion for music began at the tender age of 5 when she was given her first mini Casio keyboard. 
Karrie has been involved in various bands and musical ventures including The Vivas and the Sweet Adelines Womens Chorus.She began her music career playing in a duet with Willie Mac at the tender age of 18.
Karrie joined Nightwatch in 2012 and continues to enjoy entertaining the crowds.

Karrie uses a microphone and a KORG Kross workstation in her favourite colour...maroon.

Karrie doesn't smoke, but does have the occasional drink.


Lead Guitar & Vocals


DJ has been playing since he started and although there have been long periods of not playing, he has remained in touch with music via radio and CD's.



DJ comes from a family of siblings and relatives.

DJ was in a high school band which he can't remember the name of....



DJ joined Nightwatch.... and is still here.


DJ plays a 6 string guitar through an Electric Amplifier powered by up to 240v of unbridled AC POWER!


DJ describes his musical influences as sonically pleasant


Drums & Vocals


John is the engine room of Nightwatch providing the underlying rhythm and tempo the rest of us rely on.


Bass Guitar & Vocals


Aaron is one of Christchurch's premier Bass players. Aaron has been slapping the bass for more than 25 years, and enjoyed many fantastic moments thanks to his curiosity in the instrument along with a desire to fill people with a joyous musical experience. He’s been a regular member of numerous live bands such as ‘I and I’, ‘Lincoln Drive’, ‘True Story’, and ‘No Secrets’. And on special occasions Aaron has been requested to complete the line-up for ‘Desendantz’, ‘Kharamello’, ‘Nightwatch’ and ‘Headrush’ due to his fantastic ability to play any genre of music that has been required.

Part-Time Members

NIGHTWATCH have an exciting array of great musicians that fill in when one or more of us are unable to play a gig due to a prior booking with another project, unforeseeable illness or if one of us has tickets to a great concert before a booking was made.




Alex is relatively new on the live music circuit but his timekeeping and funky grooves are a delight.


Alex provides a Solid rhythm and plays with exciting flair.


Alex is DJ's Brother-In-Law




AKA Arona "Gospel Chops" Vaele is arguably one of the most sought after session drummers in the country.


With origins in Pacific Underground, Iona has toured with LA Mitchell, supported Marley Sola, Ginny Blackmore, Jammed with Michael League (Snarky Puppy) and many more. Iona is the current drummer in D'sendantz.


Lead Vocal


Becky is a fantastic singer who is full of energy to get the crowd moving. Becky is passionate about her craft.


Drums and Vocals


Tim is well known on the live music circuit in Christchurch TJ has been working in the music industry for over 25 years as drummer and principally as a vocalist, which brings experience into the mix. TJ has an impressive resume which includes Herbs, Jason Kerrison, Ardijah and performing as percussionist with "Ruia Aperahama" (What’s The Time Mr. Wolf). A Remarkable drummer but Singing is what TJ does best, you must hear it to believe it, this boy can sang!


Lead Guitar & Vocal


Diego is a musician, producer, singer & songwriter based in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has been playing guitar and singing for more than 17 years. His experience includes playing at Hard Rock cafe, Planet Hollywood, and other venues overseas.
As a producer and composer, Diego’s jingles & sound-beds are being used in Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Iran & Israel in feature films, radio, short films, advertising, and corporate profiles.
Apart from performing and writing, Diego also gives guitar lessons in his studio (AVPRO).




Grace has a knack for the groove. She shifted to Christchurch from the deep south to pursue music.  With a degree in music now behind her, and experience playing many different genres, she adds energy to the rock numbers and tasteful groove-laden beats  where its due, to the pop and dancepop numbers.  Grace also plays for local artist Mari Slack and teaches music full time with her husband Jordan, 1 of End Game's guitarists.

Past Band Members


Bass Guitar & Vocals


Phil is the newest member of Nightwatch and has been a fantastic addition to the Nightwatch family. He provides not only some tasty bass-lines but also nuggets of industry history and humour.


Bass Guitar & Vocals


Q: How long you have been playing?

A: 5 foot 9 inches


Q: How long you have been in bands?

A: I was fully grown when I started so always 5 foot 9 inches


Q: Where you have been playing?

A: I started out in a punk covers band in Swansea then moved to London and played in an originals band. We were too original so didn’t quite make it. I then moved to the south coast of England and played to massive crowds of pensioners in exotic resorts like Hastings and Bexhill-on-Sea. I then moved to Christchurch – I thought I was just going further down the coast near Bournemouth but it turned out to be New Zealand. After a few years with the infamous Dusty Dogs I joined Nightwatch. The rest is history. 


Q: Gear?

A: Sponsored by Adidas


Q: Music influences?

A: Sid Vicious – the ultimate bass player who couldn’t play


Q: Life influences? 

A: Henry V for sticking up two fingers to the French at Agincourt


Bass Guitar


Though only with us a short time, Dan provided a solid foundation on the Bass sitting in the pocket of the groove. Dan does also fill in on Bass from time to time.


Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar


One of the founding members of Midnight Mutiny which after personnel changes, became Krank and eventually Nightwatch.

Stu is our lead vocal and rhythm guitar and provides much of the backbone of Nightwatch. Stu take the lead on vocals not only at the gigs but also is the driving force behind those sweet harmonies you have all come to love. Stu is essentially our music director and agent all in one. Many of our gigs are the fruit of Stu's labour to get Nightwatch out in the public eye.